Pending ID- Neanuridae

Late October 2012
Mount Field National Park
Family ID thanks to Frans Janssens

Subfamily Pseudachorutinae (Listed in ALA but not the Australian Faunal Directory)
Mid July 2018
Lagoon behind Adams Beach, Bridport
The lagoon surface was covered with these springtails.
Identification thanks to Frans Janssens


#2.1. Early July 2021
IMG 0004  IMG 0002  IMG 0001  IMG 9996  IMG 9993  IMG 9986  IMG 9983

The “White tides” filled with springtails on the lagoon surface. All of the macros are just focussed on the white “froth”

IMG 9644

#3.  Mainly Neanurinae. The globular ones are Katiannidae
Early March 2020
Rafting on pond water.  Identification thanks to Frans Janssens