Labidura riparia (Riparian Earwig)

Labidura riparia (Riparian Earwig). The only member of this genus in Australia.

This species is cosmopolitan and variable. Some have noticeably brighter colouring with better contrast between the light and dark areas, while others are far more darker overall. The wings can be variously developed, from covering the first two abdominal segments to being apparently absent. The last abdominal segment can have two, one, or no terminal spines between the forceps. The male forceps usually posses one large inner tooth around, or just beyond, the middle, though this can be absent, and sometimes a second smaller one will occur closer the tips.

Early February 2012
Marion Bay

Mid February 2010
Image by Natalie Tapson, used with permision.

Late February 2015
Flew into the house, attracted to light at night.

Mid March 2019