Family Carabidae (Ground Beetles)

The Carabids are the largest family of beetles.  Many are shiny black, but some are brightly coloured and can become targets of collectors (Tasmanian species are all protected). Most are carnivorous.  They mainly live on the ground, but also on trees, under bark or wetlands.  Some adult Carabids can defend themselves with chemicals, spraying it at predators or making themselves smell too much to be palatable.

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Adelotopus Anomotarus Bembidion Catadromus Cicindela  Clivina Demetrida Dicrochile Homethes Hypharpax  Laemostenus Mecyclothorax Promecoderus Pseudoceneus Sarothrocrepis Scaraphites Scopodes Simodontus Sphallomorpha  Trigonothops

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Subfamily Broscinae
Genus Promecoderus

Subfamily Cicindelinae (Tiger Beetles)
Cicindela (Myriochile) semicincta

Subfamily Harpalinae
Tribe Platynini
Laemostenus complanatus
Composed of a single Australian species within the genus.

Tribe Cyclosomini
Genus Sarothrocrepis
Tribe Harpalini
Genus Hypharpax 

Tribe Pterostichini
Genus Simodontus 

Tribe Lebiini
Genus Anomotarus
 Anomotarus crudelis

Genus Demetrida 

Genus Trigonothops

Tribe Licinini
Genus Dicrochile

Tribe  Odacanthini
Genus Homethes

Tribe  Pentagonicini
Genus Scopodes

Tribe Pterostichini
Genus Pseudoceneus

Tribe Morionini
Composed of only a single species.
Genus Catadromus

Pending ID – Harpalinae
(Currently empty)

Subfamily Pseudomorphinae

Genus Adelotopus


Genus Sphallomorpha

Subfamily Psydrinae
Tribe Moriomorphini
Genus Mecyclothorax

Subfamily Scaritinae
Tribe Scaritini
Genus Scaraphites

Tribe Clivinini
Genus Clivina

Subfamily Trechinae
Genus Bembidion

Subfamily Brachininae
(Currently empty)
Subfamily Carabinae
(Currently empty)
Subfamily Migadopinae
(Currently empty)
Subfamily Paussinae
(Currently empty)

Pending ID – Carabidae
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