Pending ID – Dytiscidae

#1. Tribe Bidessini
Mid March 2016
Denison Beach
In a creek entering the beach.
Identification thanks to Boris Büche

#2. Small (3 mm) beetle collecting air at the surface
Mid April 2017
Ben Lomond National Park

#3. Larva
Early October 2020
In the lagoon behind Adams Beach.
IMG 5727  IMG 5711  IMG 5728

#4 Hydroporinae
Late November 2021
“Inala”, South Bruny Island
They are rapid swimmers, so hard to photograph.  This crawled out of the lid it was temporarily contained in.
Identification thanks to Matthew Pintar

IMG 1570  IMG 1571  IMG 1572  IMG 1574  IMG 1575  IMG 1576