Family Dermestidae (Carpet, Museum & Hide Beetles)

Subfamily Dermestinae
Genus Dermestes

larder beetle Dermestes lardarius Tasmania   

Pending ID – Dermestinae


Subfamily Megatominae
Genus Anthrenus

Megatominae-Anthrenin-Anthrenus_verbasci  Megatominae-Anthrenin-Anthrenus_sp-larvae  

Genus Anthrenocerus


Genus Reesa

insectsoftasmaniacoleoptera/suborder-polyphaga/dermestidae-carpet-museum-hide-beetles/genus-Reesa/reesa-vespulae  insectsoftasmaniacoleoptera/suborder-polyphaga/dermestidae-carpet-museum-hide-beetles/genus-Reesa/reesa-vespulae  insectsoftasmaniacoleoptera/suborder-polyphaga/dermestidae-carpet-museum-hide-beetles/genus-Reesa/reesa-vespulae

Genus Trogoderma

IMG 1271  IMG 1272  IMG 1268


Subfamily Attageninae
Attagenus (Attagenus) pellio (Two spotted Carpet Beetle)


Pending ID – Dermestidae

#1. Late April 2020
#2. Early January 2021
IMG 7153  IMG 7154  IMG 7156  IMG 7158
#2.1 Late November 2021
Stranded in water.
IMG 1247  IMG 1246  IMG 1245

#3. Mid January 2021
Hellyer Beach
Identification thanks to Boris Büche
IMG 7451  IMG 7452  IMG 7453



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