Anthrenocerus australis

Anthrenocerus  cf. australis

Late May to Late October 2013
A larva found inside the house was reared on long dead adult insects. It had a distinct taste for the flies, largely devouring a Drone Fly, a Wood Gnat, a Stable Fly, and a Onesia sp. (Calliphoridae). It rejected specimens of other Orders (Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, and Hymenoptera) and a flesh fly (Sarcophagidae). The larva reached a length of 5mm before pupating (3rd pic.), the adult emerged just under two months later and measured around 3mm.
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Mid January 2010
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Megatominae-Megatomini-Anthrenocerus_sp  Megatominae-Megatomini-Anthrenocerus_sp

Mid November 2017
Rescued from a bird bath
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