Superfamily Buprestoidea / Family Buprestidae

Composed of a single family.

Family Buprestidae

The Jewel beetles are distinct with their often brilliantly coloured bodies with a bright metallic sheen.  The adults are normally active in warm, sunny weather and can be found feeding on nectar.  The larvae usually feed on wood of trees or bushes, although some can mine into leaves and others survive in galls.  Tasmania has 66 listed species.

Subfamily Buprestinae
Genus Castiarina

   Buprestidae-Castiarina_flavopicta        IMG 6699  IMG 6317  Orange and dark purple beetle

Genus Cyrioides


Genus Melobasis


Genus Nascioides
    P1110781 2 2

Genus Pseudanilara
insectsoftasmaniacoleoptera/suborder-polyphaga/buprestidae-jewel-beetles/genus-pseudanilara  insectsoftasmaniacoleoptera/suborder-polyphaga/buprestidae-jewel-beetles/genus-pseudanilara

Subfamily Agrilinae
Some members of this subfamily create galls.

Genus Agrilus



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