Cerambycidae (Longicorn Beetles)

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Amphirhoe Ancita Atesta Bethelium Brachopsis Brachytria Callidiopsis Coptocercus Distichocera Disterna Dorcadida Enchoptera Ectostica Hesthesis Macrones Mecynopus  Neissa Nenenia Ochyra Omophaena Omotes Pentacosmia Phacodes Phaolus Phoracantha Phlyctaenodes Piesarthrius Quasiphneope Rhinophthalmus Stenoderus Strongylurus  Syllitus Tessaromma Tragocerus Uracanthus Zoedia

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Subfamily Cerambycinae
Members of this subfamily have the head and jaws produced more or less forward, and the pronotum not laterally carinate
                Cerambycidae-Cerambycinae-unknown  Cerambycidae-Coptocercus_rubripes                   IMG 6725

Subfamily Lamiinae
This subfamily can be easily recognised by the downward produced head and jaws.

Subfamily Parandrinae
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Subfamily Prioninae
Prioninae are distinguished by their laterally carinate pronotum.
Cerambycidae-Prioninae  Metallic Violet Longicorn Phaolus metallica Cerambycidae Australia  Cerambycidae larva

Subfamily Spondylidinae
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Pending ID – Cerambycidae


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