Genus Aporocera

22 species are listed in Tasmania

Aporocera acenteta

Aporocera (Aporocera) albilinea

Aporocera apicalis

Aporocera argentata

Aporocera (Aporocera) atra

Aporocera (Aporocera) consors


Aporocera (Aporocera) erosa


Aporocera gravata

Aporocera (Aporocera) haematodes

Cryptocephalini-Aporocera_haematodes  Cryptocephalini-Aporocera_haematodes 

Aporocera jacksoni

Aporocera lagopa

Aporocera lilliputana

Aporocera melanocephala

Aporocera pallens

Aporocera pollux

Aporocera pulchella

Aporocera rufescens

Aporocera (Aporocera) subvirens

IMG 6464  IMG 6469

Aporocera (Aporocera) tasmanica


Aporocera vermicularis

Aporocera (Aporocera)viridipennis


Aporocera (Aporocera) viridis

IMG 5445.     .

Pending ID – Aporocera

Aporocera (Aporocera) sp.1


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