Cadmus (Brachycaulus) ferrugineus

Cadmus (Brachycaulus) ferrugineus
Late November 2010
Mount Wellington, kunanyi
A female creating a protective ‘scatoshell’ for an egg. Female cryptocephalines possess a median dimple in the fifth abdominal ventrite. They use this depression to hold each egg while they plate them with their frass. The scatoshelled egg is then dropped to the ground leaf litter below. When the larva hatches it retains the frass protection as a mobile home, extending it with it’s own frass as it grows larger.
Cryptocephalini-Cadmus_(Brachycaulus)_ferrugineus  Cryptocephalini-Cadmus_(Brachycaulus)_ferrugineus

Early December 2014
Mount Wellington, kunanyi
Another female plating an egg over a 13 minute period. This species creates an amazingly sculptured scatoshell.

Early April 2015

Mid October 2015
Mt Wellington, kunanyi
Another female scatoshelling an egg. The completed egg was dropped moments before the last photo.

Late October 2016
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart

Early January 2022
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