Genus Monolepta

Ten species are listed for Tasmania

Monolepta minima


Monolepta christiniae
Monolepta cribriceps
Monolepta divisia
Monolepta erythroderes
Monolepta incisiventris
Monolepta nigricollis
Monolepta ordinaria
Monolepta tasmaniensis


Pending ID – Monolepta

Monolepta sp. #1


Monolepta sp. #2


Monolepta sp. #3


Monolepta sp. #4


Pending ID – Monolepta
#1.  Late November 2020
Photo KE

IMG 6019

#2 Late December 2020
Mount Field National Park
Photos KE
IMG 6538  IMG 6540  IMG 6544

#3. Late December 2020
Mount Field National Park
Photo KE
IMG 6842
#4. Late October 2o23
Kelcey Tier, Devonport
Identification thanks to Lynne Forster
Photo KE

IMG 8598

#5. Late December 2016
Hobart, nipaluna
Attracted to light
Many of these were seen flying around during early evening.


Grove S.J., Forster  L. G. ,Porch, N. (2021) An illustrated checklist of the insects of Tasmania. Part 1 – Coleoptera (beetles). The Royal Society of Tasmania. Hobart