Serangium maculigerum

Serangium cf. maculigerum.   This species is not listed to occur in Tasmania.

#1. Serangium 
Early April 2010
These mainly feed on whitefly.
Information and identification to genus thanks to Stephen Thorpe.
Photos KE
2spotKE  lady3KE

#2. Mid July 2011
Photos KE
DSCF3144  DSCF3149

#3. Early October 2017
On Camellia
Photos KE
IMG 7355  IMG 7356  IMG 7359

#4. Early November 2017
Kingston Beach
Photo KE
IMG 9963

#5.  Mid January 2019
Photos KE
IMG 6685  IMG 6686

#6. Early March 2019
Photos KE
IMG 7516


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