Family Nitidulidae (Sap Beetles)

Nitidulids can live in a diverse range of habitats, but their more notorious species are pests of stone fruit.

Subfamily Carpophilinae

Genus Carpophilus
DSCF4571  IMG 7031

Subfamily Epuraeinae

Genus Epuraea 
IMG 0538  IMG 8267  IMG 2433 1  DSCF4551

Subfamily Cillaeinae

Genus Brachypeplus
IMG 2416  DSCF3467  IMG 1236

Subfamly Cryptarchinae

Genus Cryptarcha
IMG 0437

Pending ID – Cryptarchinae
IMG 1701  IMG 1703

Subfamily Nitidulinae

Genus Thalycrodes 
IMG 5921  IMG 6768


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