Family Phalacridae

Subfamily Phalacrinae
Genus Phalacrus

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Pending ID – Phalacridae

#1  Late November 2013
Knocklofty Reserve, nipaluna/Hobart
On Acacia dealbata
Tentative identification thanks  to Adam Slipinski
Photos KE
IMG 5745  IMG 5746  IMG 5747

#2.  Mid June 2017
Knocklofty Reserve, nipaluna/Hobart
Photos KE
20170606 IMG 3709  20170606 IMG 3707
#3. Mid December 2021
New Town Rivulet Reserve, Lenah Valley
Photos KE
IMG 1221  IMG 1633  IMG 1635 2
#4. Late December 2023
New Town Rivulet Reserve, Lenah Valley
Photo KE
feeding on new gall tissue.
IMG 9559


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