Exapion ulicis (Gorse Seed Weevil)

This genus is composed of only a single Australian species.  The Gorse Seed Weevil was introduced to Australia in 1939 as a bio-control agent of invasive gorse bushes.  the species originated in Europe but the Australian specimens were imported from New Zealand.

Exapion ulicis
Late September 2014
Port Huon
On gorse. Bodylength excluding rostrum approx. 2.7mm.
Photo AD

Early October 2015
Port Huon
On gorse – different individuals in close proximity.
Photos AD

Davies, Jamie & Ireson, John & Allen, Geoff. (2008). The phenology and impact of the gorse seed weevil, Exapion ulicis, on gorse, Ulex europaeus, in Tasmania. Biological Control – BIOL CONTROL. 45. 85-92. 10.1016/j.biocontrol.2008.01.009.