Family Elateridae (Click Beetles)

Subfamily Agrypninae
Tribe Oophorini
Genus Agrypnus
     IMG 9733
Genus Monocrepidius
          IMG 8679
Pending ID – Agrypninae
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Subfamily Cardiophorinae
Genus Austrocardiophorus
IMG 9512
Subfamily Denticollinae
Genus Crepidomenus
Crepidomenus fulgidus    Elateridae Crepidomenus    

Subfamily Parablacinae
Genus Parablax
Elateridae Parablax ooliekirraElateridae Parablax ooliekirra  

Subfamily Lissominae
(all currently empty)
Subfamily Negastriinae
Subfamily Tetralobinae
Subfamily Thylacosterninae

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