Hydrophilidae (Water-Scavenger Beetles)

Subfamily Sphaeridiinae
Members of this subfamily are terrestrial, most of them feed on rotting substances.

Genus Cercyon 


Genus Dactylosternum

IMG 5400  IMG 5401

Pending ID – Sphaeridiinae
#1. Mid January 2013
Identification thanks to Boris Büche.

#2. Early January 2015
Sisters Beach

#3. Mid November 2010
The 3mm beetle flew into the house very erratically and then attempted to dislodge the active mite that was crawling over its body.

Subfamily Hydrophilinae

Pending ID – Hydrophilinae

#4. Early October 2020
Found in the lagoon behind Adams Beach
Identification thanks to Stanislav Litovkin and Matthew Pintar

IMG 5720