Hydrophilidae (Water-Scavenger Beetles)

Subfamily Sphaeridiinae
Members of this subfamily are terrestrial, most of them feed on rotting substances.

Genus Cercyon 


Genus Dactylosternum

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Pending ID – Sphaeridiinae
#1. Mid January 2013
Identification thanks to Boris Büche.
Photos KE

#2. Early January 2015
Sisters Beach
Photos KE

#3. Mid November 2010
The 3mm beetle flew into the house very erratically and then attempted to dislodge the active mite that was crawling over its body.
Photos KE

Subfamily Hydrophilinae

Pending ID – Hydrophilinae

#4. Early October 2020
Found in the lagoon behind Adams Beach
Identification thanks to Stanislav Litovkin and Matthew Pintar
Photo KE

IMG 5720