Genus Dactylosternum

A single species is listed in Tasmania
Dactylosternum cf. depressum

Pending ID – Dactylosternum
, either D. abdominale or D. marginale, the two species of the genus in Australia that have elytral striae, with these photos. D. abdominale might seem more likely based on distribution and abundance, but not definitive
Late December 2022
Photos KE
Identification and information thanks to Matthew Pintar

IMG 5399  IMG 5400  IMG 5401

Mid December 2023
Photos KE

IMG 9543  IMG 9545  IMG 9547

Mid March 2023
Identification thanks to Matthew Pintar and Stanislav Litovkin
Photo KE

IMG 0209


Grove S.J., Forster  L. G. ,Porch, N. (2021) An illustrated checklist of the insects of Tasmania. Part 1 – Coleoptera (beetles). The Royal Society of Tasmania. Hobart