Pictacara tasmanica

A Tasmanian endemic species.

Pictacara tasmanica
, formerly Macrohelodes crassus
Late December 2012
On Myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghamii), about 20 m from Lake Pedder.
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Mid February 2013
There were many of these on the Buttongrass regrowth following the January bushfires.
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Late December 2014
Scotts Peak, Lake Pedder
On a eucalypt, then dropping to the ground when disturbed.
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Late December 2015
Pine Lake, Central Highlands.
On Richea scoparia flowers
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Late December 2019
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Late December 2021
Hartz Mountain National Park
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Mid January 2023
Fossey River Rest Area
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Early January 2024
Edgar Dam
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