Staphylinidae (Rove Beetles)

Rove Beetles are the fifth largest beetle family in Australia. They often live in decomposing plant material.  Most species are predators, but some eat fungal spores or eat detritus.  Many of them can exude unpleasant smelling chemicals as defense and some can bite. Despite the tiny elytra, the majority of adults have functional wings compactly folded under the protective cover.

Subfamily Aleocharinae
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Subfamily Oxytelinae

Subfamily Paederinae

Subfamily Pselaphinae

Pselaphophus sp. Pselaphinae.     

Subfamily Scaphidiinae


Subfamily Staphylininae
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Subfamily Tachyporinae

Subfamily Scydmaeninae
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Subfamily Euaesthetinae
Subfamily Glypholomatinae
Subfamily Leptotyphlinae
Subfamily Megalopsidiinae
Subfamily Omaliinae
Subfamily Osoriinae
Subfamily Phloeocharinae
Subfamily Piestinae
Subfamily Proteininae
Subfamily Steninae
Subfamily Trichophyinae

Pending ID – Staphylinidae



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