Genus Carpelimus

Four species are listed in Tasmania:

Carpelimus (Paratrogophloeus) bilineatus
(Troginus) exiguus

Unplaced to subgenus
Carpelimus punctatus
Carpelimus simplex

Pending ID – Carpelimus

Carpelimus sp.
#1. Early September 2014
Bodylength approx. 2.4mm.

Photo AD


#2. Late September 2018
Denison Beach
Large numbers of these were flying onto the sand.
Identification thanks to Boris Büche
Photos KE

A different individual disappearing into a burrow in the sand.

Grove S.J., Forster  L. G. ,Porch, N. (2021) An illustrated checklist of the insects of Tasmania. Part 1 – Coleoptera (beetles). The Royal Society of Tasmania. Hobart