Genus Mordella

Eighteen species are listed in Tasmania

Mordella australis 
IMG 2351  IMG 7024  IMG 9571

Mordella communis 
IMG 6983

Mordella graphiptera
IMG 5818  IMG 2351 2

Mordella ruficollis
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Mordella albosparsa
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Mordella baldiensis
Mordella bella
Mordella brevis
Mordella distincta
Mordella felix
Mordella humeralis
Mordella limbata
Mordella parva
Mordella promiscua
Mordella pygmaea
Mordella tristis
Mordella v-fasciata
Mordella waterhousei


Grove S.J., Forster  L. G. ,Porch, N. (2021) An illustrated checklist of the insects of Tasmania. Part 1 – Coleoptera (beetles). The Royal Society of Tasmania. Hobart