Diptera (Flies)

The Diptera, or two-winged flies, is a large order of familiar insects encountered on a daily basis both in home and outside. The most commonly known are the annoying mozzies, sandflies, moth flies, march flies, house and bush flies (Muscidae and Faniidae), vinegar flies and blow flies, though some less commonly known but also frequently encountered groups includes the long-legged flies, stiletto flies, soldier flies, robber flies, bee flies, hover flies, grass flies, and the rather speciose, and often spectacular, bristle flies (also called parasitic flies). The number of described dipteran species occuring in Australia well exceeds 8000. Tasmania has around 1400 described species distributed in more than 500 genera across 85 families.

Direct family links A-Z – those without links are known to occur here but we have not yet documented:
Acroceridae Agromyzidae Anisopodidae Anthomyiidae Apioceridae Apsilocephalidae Asilidae Asteiidae Athericidae Australimyzidae Austroleptidae Bibionidae Blephariceridae Bombyliidae Braulidae Brachystomatidae Calliphoridae Canacidae Cecidomyiidae Ceratopogonidae Chamaemyiidae Chaoboridae Chironomidae Chloropidae Chyromyidae Clusiidae Coelopidae Conopidae Cryptochetidae Culicidae Cylindrotomidae Cypselosomatidae Ditomyiidae Dixidae Dolichopodidae Drosophilidae Empididae Ephydridae Fanniidae Fergusoninidae Heleomyzidae Helosciomyzidae Hippoboscidae Hybotidae Ironomyiidae Keroplatidae Lauxaniidae Limoniidae Lonchopteridae Micropezidae Milichiidae Muscidae Mycetophilidae Neminidae Nemestrinidae Nycteribiidae Oestridae Oreogetonidae Paraleucopidae Pelecorhynchidae Periscelididae Phoridae Piophilidae Pipunculidae Platypezidae Platystomatidae Polleniidae Psychodidae Pyrgotidae Ragadidae Rhagionidae Rhiniidae Rhinophoridae Sarcophagidae Scatopsidae Scenopinidae Sciaridae Sciomyzidae Sepsidae Simuliidae Sphaeroceridae Stratiomyidae Syrphidae Tabanidae Tachinidae Tanyderidae Tephritidae Teratomyzidae Thaumaleidae Therevidae Tipuliidae Trichoceridae Xylophagidae [Pending ID – Diptera]

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Suborder Nematocera
Crane Flies, Mosquitoes, Midges, Gnats, Moth Flies etc.
Sylvicola dubius (Anisopodidae) Plecia dimidiata (Bibionidae) Pyrtaula fenestralis (Keroplatidae) Aedes (Rampamyia) notoscriptus (Culicidae: Culicinae) Chironomidae: Chironominae female Culicoides sp. (Ceratopogonidae: Ceratopogoninae) Psychodidae: Psychodinae Gonomyia sp. (Limoniidae: Chioneinae) Tipulidae

Suborder Brachycera – Infraorder Orthorrhapha
Robber Flies, Bee Flies, Horse Flies, Stiletto Flies, Long-legged Flies, Soldier Flies, Dance Flies, Snipe Flies etc.
Laphria telecles (Asilidae: Laphriinae) Comptosia ocellata (Bombyliidae: Lomatiinae) Agapophytus quatiens (Therevidae: Agapophytinae) Hoplopeza sp. (Hybotidae: Ocydromiinae) Hilarempis sp. (Empdidae: Empidinae) Heteropsilopus ingenuus (Dolichopodidae: Sciapodinae) Antissella parvidentata female (Stratiomyidae: Antissinae) Tabaninae female (Tabanidae) Ogcodes sp. (Acroceridae: Acrocerinae)

Suborder Brachycera – Infraorder Cyclorrhapha – a very large section having the remaining flies not included above.
Lindneromyia cf. fergusoni female (Platypezidae) Melangyna sp. (Syrphidae: Syrphinae) Chloromerus sp. (Chloropidae: Chloropinae) Microconops sp. (Conopidae: Conopinae) Drosophila (Dorsilopha) busckii (Drosophilidae: Drosophilinae) Hydrellia tritici (Ephydridae: Hydrelliinae) Poecilohetaerus aquilus (Lauxaniidae: Lauxaniinae) Diplogeomyza maculipennis (Heleomyzidae: Cnemospathidinae) Austrotephritis bushi (Tephritidae: Tephritinae) Calliphora (Paracalliphora) hilli female (Calliphoridae: Calliphorinae) Formosia (Euamphibolia) speciosa (Tachinidae: Dexiinae) Helina cf. addita male (Muscidae: Mydaeinae)