Anthomyiidae (Root Maggot Flies)

Anthomyiid flies resemble many muscid flies. They are separated from the latter family by having the anal wing vein (A1+CuA2) reaching the wing margin, though the last section can be weakly developed. There are three anthomyiid species listed for Tasmania – Paregle audacula, Anthomyia punctipennis, and Delia platura. All are introduced species. P. audacula and D. platura are considered pests with their larvae attacking various cultivated vegetable crops. The common kelp fly, Fucellia tergina, appears also present.

Genus Anthomyia
Anthomyia punctipennis female Anthomyia punctipennis male

Genus Paregle
Paregle audacula female Paregle audacula male

Pending ID – Anthomyiidae

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