The lauxaniids are generally small to medium sized flies. Many are coloured orange and superficially resemble vinegar flies (Drosophilidae). Their larvae are saprophagous, usually living in, or between, fallen leaf debris or similar composting vegetable matter. Some are known to occur in the nests of birds, feeding on the decaying nest materials. In Tasmania, Sapromyza flavimana has been reared from the nest of the Scrubtit (Acanthornis magna).

Tasmania has close to 50 described species of Lauxaniidae. The vast majority belong in subfamily Lauxaniinae with only 7 from Homoneurinae. Close to half of the Tasmanian Lauxaniinae are endemic. The genus Incurviseta is particularly notable with eight of the eleven described species apparently restricted to the island state. Other genera with large endemism are Sapromyza and Ceratolauxania. The most common urban garden lauxaniid is Poecilohetaerus schineri, one of five ‘two-striped’ fly species occuring in Tasmania. In semi-rural to rural districts Sapromyza mallochiana is also typical. Flower visiting is not strong in Lauxaniidae, however Incurviseta species regularly feed at flowers in summer, especially at the higher altitudes. Ceratolauxania appears to favour wet forest.

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Ceratolauxania Depressa Homoneura Incurviseta Meiosimyza Melanina Paranomina Poecilohetaerus Rhagadolyra Sapromyza Steganopsis Trigonometopsis Trypetisoma Xenohomoneura [Pending ID – Lauxaniinae] [Pending ID – Lauxaniidae]

Subfamily Homoneurinae
Genus Homoneura
Homoneura cf. fuscicornis Homoneura sp. Homoneura sp. IMG 1233

Genus Trypetisoma
Trypetisoma (Trypetisoma) digitatum Trypetisoma (Trypetisoma) digitatum

Subfamily Lauxaniinae
Genus Ceratolauxania
Ceratolauxania atrimana Ceratolauxania sp. Ceratolauxania sp. Ceratolauxania tasmaniensis

Genus Depressa
Depressa atrata Depressa atrata

Genus Incurviseta
Incurviseta cf. maculifrons Incurviseta viridana Incurviseta latifrons

Genus Meiosimyza
Meiosimyza appula Meiosimyza appula IMG 8773 IMG 6869

Genus Melanina
Melanina nr. aenescens Melanina nr. aenescens

Genus Paranomina
Paranomina longa Paranomina longa

Genus Poecilohetaerus
Poecilohetaerus albolineatus Poecilohetaerus aquilus Poecilohetaerus schineri

Genus Rhagadolyra
Rhagadolyra magnicornis Rhagadolyra magnicornis

Genus Sapromyza
Sapromyza brunneovittata Sapromyza magnifica Sapromyza mallochiana Sapromyza metallica Sapromyza sp. #1 Sapromyza alboatra Sapromyza strahani

Genus Steganopsis
Steganopsis melanogaster Steganopsis melanogaster

Genus Trigonometopsis
Trigonometopsis nr.binotata Trigonometopsis nr.binotata

Pending ID – Lauxaniinae
Lauxaniinae Lauxaniinae Lauxaniinae Lauxaniinae Lauxaniinae

Pending ID – Lauxaniidae
Lauxaniidae Lauxaniidae Lauxaniidae

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