Micropezidae (Stilt-Legged Flies)

Only Metopochetus (Seva) bivittatus is found from this family in Tasmania.

Subfamily Eurybatinae
In this subfamily the ocelli are situated close to the head vertex, antennae are not widely separated (slightly separated in some Metopochetus), and the katepisternum (sternopleuron) lacks a dense vertical fan of strong hairs. In Taeniapterinae, the only other subfamily found in Australia, the ocelli are situated well forward of the vertex, antennae set wide apart, and katepisternum with dense vertical fan.

Genus Metopochetus
Metopochetus (Seva) bivittatus Metopochetus (Seva) bivittatus Metopochetus (Seva) bivittatus Metopochetus (Seva) bivittatus

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