Muscidae (House, Bush Flies)

Entomopathogenic Fungal Infections
Explore how Entomopathogenic fungi infect Muscid flies.
Muscoid fly infected with Entomophthora fungus Muscoid fly infected with Entomophthora fungus Muscoid fly infected with Entomophthora fungus

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Australophyra Coenosia Helina Helinomydaea Limnophora Lispe Metopomyia Musca Muscina Passeromyia Prohardyia Pygophora Pyrellia Stomoxys [Pending ID – Muscidae]

Subfamily Muscinae
Genus Australophyra
Black Carrion Fly Australophyra rostrata Hydrotaea Black Carrion Fly Australophyra rostrata Hydrotaea

Genus Musca
Musca domestica female Musca domestica male Musca vetustissima female Musca vetustissima male

Genus Pyrellia
Pyrellia tasmaniae Pyrellia tasmaniae

Genus Stomoxys
Stomoxys calcitrans Stomoxys calcitrans

Subfamily Mydaeinae
Genus Coenosia
Coenosia acuticornis Coenosia sp. Coenosia acuticornis predating fungus gnat (Sciaridae)

Genus Helina
Helina cf. addita male Helina australasiae male Helina collessi female Helina cf. aeneiventris female Helina imitatrix female Helina tasmaniensis male Helina sp.

Genus Helinomydaea
Helinomydaea flavofusca female Helinomydaea fuscoflava female

Genus Limnophora
Limnophora sp. cf. Limnophora sp.

Genus Lispe
Lispe cana Lispe sp.

Genus Pygophora
Pygophora cf. apicalis female Pygophora cf. apicalis male

Subfamily Reinwardtiinae
Genus Muscina
False Stable Fly, Muscina stabulans False Stable Fly, Muscina stabulans

Pending ID – Muscidae
Muscidae Muscidae Muscidae

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