Helina imitatrix

Helina imitatrix is notable for the broad, poorly defined, fuscous medial stripe on the tawny thorax. The antennae are bicoloured with the first two segments tawny and the last blackish. The legs are tawny with the tarsi blackish. The haltere knobs are yellowish and the wing crossveins clouded. The antennae arista are not noticeably plumose. There are 4 pairs of postsutural dorsocentral bristles and well developed presutural acrostichal bristles are present. Bodylength around 7mm. Males have not been described. This species might be confused with Helinomydaea which have similarly coloured Australian species however these never have strong presutural acrostichal bristles.

Late November 2015
Helina imitatrix female Helina imitatrix female

Male, cf. Helina imitatrix
Late January 2022
Nicholls Rivulet
Image by Elaine McDonald, used with permission.
cf. Helina imitatrix (male)

Mid November 2014
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
Helina imitatrix female

Late September 2015
Mount Wellington
Helina imitatrix female Helina imitatrix female