Helina sp. #2

Here we place smallish Helina (~5mm) with a bluish-green metallic body with thorax distinctly quadrivittate. Legs and antennae entirely black, with the arista of the latter long plumose. Postsutural dorsocentral pairs number 3 and there are no strong presutural acrostichals developed. The wings are without fuscous clouds on the two cross-veins, the haltere knobs blackish and the calypters are entirely pale (ie without darkish margins). H. caerulescens is a slightly larger species (6-7mm) that otherwise fully agrees with the aforementioned characters. This species however is said to have the eyes distinctly haired in both the male and females, a character not seen in the flies presented below.

Late December 2015

?Helina sp. #2 (male)
Early February 2011
Image by Sarah Lloyd (via CNFN), used with permission.

Early October 2017
Ferndene (Dial Ranges)