Helina subpubescens

Helina subpubescens has a black body with lighter pruinescence, the latter being whitish-grey to yellowish-grey. The legs are tawny, excepting the darker tarsi. Antennal aristae are plumose, and the eyes haired. The haltere knobs are yellowish, and the wings are without cloudy areas over the crossveins. There are 4 pairs of postsutural dorsocentral bristles and no well developed presutural acrostichal bristles. Bodylength around 8mm.

Late January 2012
South Bruny Island
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Helina subpubescens female Helina subpubescens female

Early November 2014
Port Huon
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Helina subpubescens male Helina subpubescens male Helina subpubescens male

Late January 2016
Last fly has a red mite attached.
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Early January 2024
Edgar Dam
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IMG 9747  IMG 9745