Helina vandiemeni

Helina vandiemeni has a black body with lighter pruinescence, the latter being whitish-grey to yellowish-grey. The are legs are tawny, excepting the darker tarsi. Antennal arista are plumose, and the eyes are haired though the hairing is not intense as seen in some species. The haltere knobs are yellowish, and the wings are without cloudy areas over the crossveins. The palps, the first two antennal segments and the base of the third are reddish, with the remaining of the third blackish. There are 4 pairs of postsutural dorsocentral bristles and no well developed presutural acrostichal bristles. Bodylength around 8mm. On characters mentioned, H. subpubescens agrees except the palps and all three antennal segments blackish.

Helina cf. vandiemeni

Mid February 2018
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
Helina cf. vandiemeni Helina cf. vandiemeni Helina cf. vandiemeni

Early January 2022
Myrtle Gully, Collinsvale
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