Platystomatidae (Broadmouthed, Antler Flies)

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Duomyia Euprosopia Lamprogaster Lenophila Microepicausta Pogonortalis Rhytidortalis Rivellia

Subfamily Platystomatinae
Genus Duomyia
Duomyia decora Duomyia decora

Genus Euprosopia
Euprosopia sp.

Genus Lamprogaster
Lamprogaster laeta

Genus Pogonortalis
Pogonortalis doclea Pogonortalis doclea

Genus Rhytidortalis
Rhytidortalis averni IMG 3049 2

Genus Rivellia
Rivellia cf. viridis Rivellia sp. #1 (nr. virgo) Rivellia sp. #3 Rivellia sp. #2 (nr. nigripes) infected with Entomophthorales sp. fungus.

Subfamily Scholastinae
Genus Lenophila
Lenophila achilles

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