Sepsidae (Black Scavenger Flies)

Parapalaeosepsis plebeia – a characteristic species by the position, shape and size of the wing spot being unlike any other Australian species. This is the most common sepsid species across Australia, and the only species found in Tasmania.

Late October 2010
Parapalaeosepsis plebeia Parapalaeosepsis plebeia Parapalaeosepsis plebeia

Late September 2012
Sepsidae Australia dung black scavenger fly Sepsidae Australia dung black scavenger fly

Late March 2014
Bubble blowing to reduce water content.

Late September 2012
The characteristic wing waving of sepsid flies.

Late October 2009
Typical male sepsid pre-mating guarding behaviour. The male has foreleg modifications that allow a clamped grip over the female’s wing bases. She will try to buck the unwanted guard for several minutes (over 20 minutes has been observed in another species). If he manages to stay the ride, he will usually be allowed to mate with her.

Early May 2015
Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart
Interacting with an ant.


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