Syrphidae (Hover, Drone Flies)

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Archimicrodon Austalis Ceriana Cervicorniphora Chalcosyrphus Cyphipelta Deineches Eristalis Eumerus Eupeodes Hemilampra Melangyna Microdon Odyneromyia Oligeriops Orthoprosopa Paramixogaster Psilota Simosyrphus Triglyphus Xanthandrus Xylota [Pending ID – Syrphidae]

Subfamily Eristalinae
Tribe Brachyopini
Genus Cyphipelta
Cyphipelta rufocyanea male

Tribe Eristalini
Genus Austalis
Austalis pulchella Austalis pulchella

Genus Eristalis
Eristalis tenax male Eristalis tenax female Eristalis tenax female

Tribe Merodontini
Genus Eumerus
Eumerus cf. latipes Eumerus sp.

Genus Psilota
Psilota cuprea Complex sp. Psilota solata female Psilota sp. #1

Tribe Milesiini
Genus Deineches
Deineches nudiventris female Deineches nudiventris female laying eggs

Genus Odyneromyia
Odyneromyia spadix male Odyneromyia spadix male

Genus Xylota
Xylota flavitarsis male Xylota flavitarsus female

Subfamily Microdontinae
Genus Archimicrodon
Archimicrodon sp.

Genus Paramixogaster
IMG 1643 IMG 1640

Subfamily Pipizinae
Genus Triglyphus

Subfamily Syrphinae
Tribe Bacchini
Genus Xanthandrus
Xanthandrus sp. Xanthandrus sp.

Tribe Syrphini
Genus Eupeodes
Eupeodes confrater

Genus Melangyna
Melangyna sp. Melangyna sp. Melangyna larva

Genus Simosyrphus
Simosyrphus grandicornis

Pending ID – Syrphidae
IMG 6863 IMG 6858  IMG 5896

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