Carcelia (Carcelia) cf. vicinalis

Carcelia (Carcelia) cf. vicinalis

Emerged from parasitised cf. Acyphas semiochrea caterpillar.
Caterpillar collected February 22, 2018
This fly emerged March 12 (18 days after the caterpillar formed its cocoon).
Marion Bay

The caterpillar parasitised by the fly. Egg (may not be related) visible on surface.
Feb 22, 2018
Marion Bay
On Coastal Wattle (or Boobyalla) Acacia longifolia subsp sophorae.

March 12 2018
Emergence point from moth cocoon

Inside cocoon. The Dark pupal shell is from the fly (above). The caterpillar spun the cocoon 22 days prior to the fly emergence.

Emergence from second pupa
18th March 2018, six days after the first fly emerged, 24 days after the caterpillar formed its cocoon.