Daptolestes bronteflavus

Daptolestes bronteflavus has wings marked on the foreborder, the mystax bristles (‘moustache’) entirely black, and the basal half of all tibiae yellow. Until the recent revision of species of Daptolestes all with wing markings and tibiae with yellow markings were placed in D. limbipennis, however this species has the mystax bristles white.

Late January 2012
Mount Wellington
Asilidae Daptolestes limbipennis Asilidae Daptolestes limbipennis

Early April 2016
Lake Skinner
Images by Amanda Thomson, used with permission.

Early March 2023
Lake Dobson, Mount Field National Park

IMG 6752  IMG 6753  IMG 6755  IMG 6756  Daptolestes bronteflavus