Villa fuscicostata

cf. Villa fuscicostata – species known for its larger size (8-14mm), brown wing fore margin , and rather broad, flattened, banded abdomen. The face is not noticeably produced (ie not conical) and covered with yellowish scales. The mesonotum (thorax dorsally) is adorned anteriorly and laterally with yellowish-brown hairs. A tuft, or streak, of whitish hairs is present above the wing insertions. The abdomen is largely blackish with separated alternating broad white and thinner orange-reddish bands.

Mid February 2018

Mid January 2019
Sisters Beach

Early April 2011

Late February 2014
Image by Steve Sargent, used with permission.

Late December 2012
Bombyliidae Villa Australia

Late March 2018

Early January 2015
Sisters Beach

Altered motion video of flight…normal…slow…normal

Mid April 2015
Marion Bay