Until recently, the subfamilies here were placed in Empididae. The Tasmanian representatives are related to ancient Antarctic empidids.

Subfamily Ceratomerinae
Ceratomerinae adults are often found near running water, predating smaller insects.

Genus Ceratomerus
Ceratomerus cf. albistyus Ceratomerus cf. albistyus

Subfamily Trichopezinae
The flies we place here appear to belong in Trichopezinae having wing venation matching Heterophlebus and females with Trichopezinae characters – of note is the truncate abdomen, the 10th tergite with spines (in the flies below this is in the form of a single transverse row), and cercus strongly arched dorsally. They are not currently described and/or included in the Australian catalogue.

Genus Apalocnemis
Apalocnemis sp. (female) Apalocnemis sp. (female) Apalocnemis sp. (female)


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