Empididae (Dagger & Dancing Flies)

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Anaclastoctedon Bandella Clinocera Cunomyia Dolichocephala Empidadalpha Empis Eugowra Hilara Hilarempis Ptilophyllodromia Rhamphomyia Thinempis [Undetermined Empidini A] [Pending ID – Empidinae] [Pending ID – Hemerodromiinae] [Pending ID – Empididae]

Subfamily Clinocerinae
Genus Clinocera
Clinocera irrorata (right) (Clinocerinae)

Subfamily Empidinae
Tribe Empidini
Genus Empis
Empis sp. (Empidinae: Empidini) Empis sp. (Empidinae: Empidini) Empis sp. (Empidinae: Empidini)

Undetermined Empidini A
Undetermined Empidini A male Undetermined Empidini A female (Empidinae)

Tribe Hilarini
Genus Bandella
Bandella cf. duvalli (Empidinae: Hilarini)

Genus Hilara
Hilara sp. (Empidinae: Hilarini) Hilara sp. (Empidinae: Hilarini) Hilara sp. (Empidinae: Hilarini)

Genus Hilarempis
Hilarempis sp. (Empidinae: Hilarini) Hilarempis sp. male (Empidinae: Hilarini) Hilarempis sp. female (Empidinae: Hilarini)

Genus Thinempis
Thinempis austera (Empidinae: Hilarini) Thinempis turimetta (Empidinae: Hilarini)

Pending ID – Empidinae
Empidinae Empidinae Empidinae Empidinae

Subfamily Hemerodromiinae
Tribe Chelipodiini
Genus Anaclastoctedon
Anaclastoctedon sp. (Hemerodromiinae: Chelipodiini)

Genus Ptilophyllodromia
Ptilophyllodromia biroi complex- group A male (Hemerodromiinae: Chelipodiini) Ptilophyllodromia biroi complex - group B male (Hemerodromiinae: Chelipodiini) Ptilophyllodromia biroi complex female (Hemerodromiinae: Chelipodiini)

Pending ID – Hemerodromiinae
Hemerodromiinae Hemerodromiinae

Pending ID – Empididae
Empididae Empididae

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