Pending ID – Empidinae

Pending ID – Empidinae

Unidentified Hilarini
Early September 2011

Unidentified Empidinae
Mid April 2015
Marion Bay
We place these on wing venation features seen, though the unusual forward projecting proboscis of the male makes this placement perhaps dubious?

Early November 2020
A slow flying empidid. Body length around 4.4mm.

Early October 2021
Sisters Beach

Male, perhaps Hilarini by the fore leg basitarsi appearing modified? The holoptic eyes though not typical.
Late September 2014
Binalong Bay

Probably a male with the long phallus is enclosed in a sheath
Mid November 2022
Lake Dobson
Identification and information thanks to Isaac Winkler.
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#6. Mid April 2023
Carleton River

IMG 6845