Hybotidae (Dance Flies)

Genera list – those unlinked we have not documented:
Chvalaea Elaphropeza Hoplopeza Hybos Leptodromia Leptopeza Micrempis Oropezella [Undetermined Drapetini A] [Pending ID – Ocydromiinae]

Subfamily Hybotinae
Genus Hybos
Hybos sp. male (Hybotinae) Hybos sp. female (Hybotinae)

Subfamily Ocydromiinae
Chvalaea sp. (Ocydromiinae) Hoplopeza pulcherrima (Ocydromiinae) Hoplopeza sp. (Ocydromiinae) Leptodromia bimaculata (Ocydromiinae) Oropezella sp. (Ocydromiinae) Ocydromiinae IMG 0716

Subfamily Tachydromiinae
Tribe Drapetini
Genus Micrempis
Micrempis sp. (Tachydromiinae)

Undetermined Drapetini A
Undetermined Drapetini (Tachydromiinae) Undetermined Drapetini (Tachydromiinae)

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