Genus Oropezella

Oropezella are Ocydromiines with antennae placed high on the head and abdomen not heavily sclerotised (see Chvalaea for abdomen with heavy sclerotisation). The wings have vein Rs long (ie arrising from R1 at or before the middle of cell bm), cell dm is long and with two veinlets emitting apically, and the anal lob weakly developed (click wing venation link for these features demonstrated from a specimen).

Oropezella is known to occur in Australia but species yet to be described. A female specimen from Sandfly has been keyed to this genus (Sinclair and Cummings (2000); Plant (1989)). The specimen has the frons narrow and the face almost obliterated by the eyes touching for most of the length below the antennae.

Late November 2015

Mid December 2017
Wing length approx. 4.4mm.

cf. Oropezella sp.
Early April 2012