Nemestrinidae (Tangle-Veined Flies)

Only Trichophthalma punctata (Nemestrininae) and Trichopsidea oestracea (Trichopsideinae) are officially recorded for Tasmania, both also being found across Australia.

Trichophthalma punctata has mesonotum and abdomen without distinct longitudinal stripes, the latter with a medial row of isolated dark spots. On the Australian mainland, this species can be easily confused with at least a few other described mainland species.

Trichopsidea oestracea has mesonotum and abdomen pale golden haired, the latter in the form of bands. The wing venation is distinctive and abdomen short and broad. The species is apparently a strong flyer, favouring short hovers close to the ground.

Subfamily Nemestrininae
Genus Trichophthalma
Trichophthalma sp. (Nemestrinidae) Trichophthalma sp. (Nemestrinidae) Trichophthalma sp. (Nemestrinidae) Trichophthalma sp. (Nemestrinidae) Trichophthalma sp. (Nemestrinidae) Trichophthalma sp. (Nemestrinidae)

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