Tabanidae (Horse, March Flies)

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Cydistomorpha Cydistomyia Dasybasis Dolichapha Lilaea Macherrasus Scaptia [Pending ID – Tabaninae] [Pending ID – Tabanidae]

Subfamily Pangoniinae
Genus Scaptia
Scaptia auriflua/patula female Scaptia jacksonii female Scaptia sp.

cf. Genus Anzomyia
IMG 6614 IMG 6615

Subfamily Tabaninae
Genus Cydistomorpha
Cydistomorpha vetusta female Cydistomorpha vetusta female

Genus Dasybasis
Dasybasis gentilis female Dasybasis hebes female Dasybasis imperfecta female Dasybasis nr. neobasalis female Dasybasis neolatifrons female

Pending ID – Tabaninae
Tabaninae female Tabaninae female

Pending ID – Tabanidae

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