Therevidae (Stiletto Flies)

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Acraspisa Actenomeros Acupalpa Agapophytus Anabarhynchus Belonalys Bonjeania Ectinorhynchus Evansomyia Johnmannia Laxotela Nanexila Neodialineura Parapsilocephala Pipinnipons [Therevidae larvae]

Subfamily Therevinae
Therevinae have femora adorned with different types of setae, including flattened scale-like setae, and light hairing set among shorter darker hairing. Currently only the one genus (Anabarhynchus) recognised for Australia.

Genus Anabarhynchus
Anabarhynchus sp. Anabarhynchus maritimus Anabarhynchus sp. Anabarhynchus sp.

Subfamily Agapophytinae
Agopophytinae have femora setae simple, ie without flattened scale-like setae in addition to normal hairing. All but the Taenogera genus-group have fore and hind femora with distinctive elongate ventral patches of velutum (velvet pubescence). Many members of this subfamily are remarkable for their mimicry of Hymenoptera (wasps and ants).

Genera groupings are presented below for convenience. Brief descriptions are provided in the grouping link with the number of described Tasmanian species for each indicated in brackets.

Taenogera genus-group
Ectinorhynchus sp. male Evansomyia phyciformis female Nanexila cf. lutea male Neodialineura bagdad female

Agapophytus quatiens Pipinnipons chauncyvallis female

Acraspisa sp. female Bonjeania actuosa Bonjeania nitidifrons cf. Parapsilocephala sp. male

Laxotela plata male Laxotela plata female

Therevidae larvae
Therevidae larva Therevidae larva


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