Taenogera genus-group

Taenogera genus-group

The Taenogera genus-group (Winterton et al. 1999) differs from all others placed currently in Agopophytinae by lacking distinctive long ventral patches of velutum (velvet pubescence) on the fore and hind femora. Wing cell m3 is always open. Genera with described Tasmanian species from this group are Actenomeros (2 spp.), Nanexila (1 sp.), Johnmannia (1 sp.), Ectinorhynchus (1 sp.), Evansomyia (2 spp.), and Neodialineura (4 spp.).

Ectinorhynchus, Evansomyia and Johnmannia differ from the other genera in the Taenogera genus-group found in Tasmania by having the antennae longer than the head length. Johnmannia are unusual within Therevidae with well rounded dark metallic bodies. Ectinorhynchus and Evansomyia share a similar habitus, both having dark thorax with dorsal longitudinal vittae, prominent forward directed proboscis, wings banded, and males with abdomen dorsally with silver velutum. Evansomyia usually differ from Ectinorhynchus by the antennae being greatly longer than the head length, with the scape slender and as long as the remaining segments combined. Evansomyia is unusual within this genera-group in possessing indistinct ventral velutum patches on the fore and hind femora. Neodialineura typically have the thorax dorsally with multiple longitudinal vittae broken transversely. Actenomeros and Nanexila are very similar generally with bodies silver to brownish pruinose, legs orange and usually wings smokey. Actenomeros have males with bristles behind the eyes in multiple loose rows. In Nanexila the males have only a single row of bristles behind the eyes.

Genus Ectinorhynchus
Ectinorhynchus sp. male Ectinorhynchus sp. female

Genus Evansomyia
Evansomyia phyciformis female Evansomyia phyciformis male

Genus Nanexila
Nanexila cf. lutea male Nanexila cf. lutea male IMG 1616

Genus Neodialineura
Neodialineura bagdad female Neodialineura bagdad female