Mycetophilidae (Fungus Gnats)

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Acrodicrania Allocotocera* Allodia* Aneura* Austrosciophila Austrosynapha Cordyla Eudicrana Exechia Leia Mycetophila Mycomya Neoallocotocera Neoaphelomera Paraleia Paramorganiella Paratrizygia Phthinia* Pseudalysiinia Rymosia* Stenophragma Synapha* Tasmanina Tetragoneura* Trizygia [Pending ID – Gnoristinae] [Mycetophilidae larvae]

*Genera without described Australian species but which Tonnoir (1929) lists as having undescribed Tasmanian species.

Subfamily Gnoristinae
Only two gnoristine species are currently known for Australia, Austrosynapha hirta and Pseudalysiinia mimicans. Both are endemic to Tasmania. However, Tonnoir (1929) mentions an undescribed Synapha species found in Tasmania and the Australian mainland.
Genus Pseudalysiinia
Pseudalysiinia mimicans (Gnoristinae) Pseudalysiinia mimicans (Gnoristinae)

Pending ID – Gnoristinae
Pending ID - Gnoristinae Pending ID - Gnoristinae

Subfamily Leiinae
From subfamily Leiinae, only the genera Acrodicrania and Paraleia are officially recorded for Tasmania, though Tonnoir (1929) mentions multiple undescribed Tetragoneura species and Leia also appears present. The latter may include L. arsona, an African species that has been recorded elsewhere around the world including New Zealand.
Genus Acrodicrania
Acrodicrania sp. (Leiinae) Acrodicrania sp. (Leiinae)

Genus Leia
Leia cf. arsona (Leiinae) Leia cf. arsona (Leiinae) Leia sp. (possibly a darker form of L. arsona ?) (Leiinae)

Subfamily Mycetophilinae
Described Mycetophilinae species from Tasmania occur in Cordyla and Mycetophila. Undescribed species were known by Tonnoir (1929) belonging to Rymosia and Allodia, and we also record the presence of Exechia below.
Genus Mycetophila
Mycetophila sp. (Mycetophilinae) Mycetophila sp. (Mycetophilinae)

Genus Exechia
Exechia nr. fascipennis (Mycetophilinae) Exechia nr. fascipennis (Mycetophilinae)

Subfamily Mycomyinae
Only Mycomya is recorded for Tasmania where only M. par is listed, a species (typically) poorly described by Walker in 1856. The genus is apparently far richer in the island state with Tonnoir (1929) nominating around 16 species. Neoempheria is the only other Mycomyinae genus listed for Australia but has not been found in Tasmania.
Genus Mycomya
Mycomya sp. (Mycomyinae) Mycomya sp. (Mycomyinae) Mycomya sp. (Mycomyinae)

Subfamily Sciophilinae
Tasmanian Sciophilinae are represented by four monotypic endemic genera (Austrosciaophila, Neoallocotocera, Paramorganiella, Tasmanina), with the single Australian representative of Paratrizygia also only found in Tasmania. Two genera have described Tasmanian and Australian mainland species (Eudicrania, Stenophragma). All together, this represents more than half the described Australian species. Further, Tonnoir (1929) lists two Australian mainland genera (Neoaphelomera, Trizygia) and another three genera not listed in the Australian faunal catalogs (Aneura, Allocotocera, Phthinia) with undescribed Tasmanian species.
Genus Neoaphelomera
Neoaphelomera (Sciophilinae)

Genus Paratrizygia
Paratrizygia conformis (Sciophilinae)

Genus Stenophragma
Stenophragma sp. (Sciophilinae) Stenophragma sp. (Sciophilinae) Stenophragma sp. (Sciophilinae)

Mycetophilidae Larvae
Mycetophilidae larva

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