Chironomidae (Midges)

Subfamily Chironominae
Genus Polypedilum
Polypedilum (Polypedilum) nubiferum (female) (Chironominae) Polypedilum (Polypedilum) sp. (female) (Chironominae)

Genus Tanytarsus
Tanytarsus sp. (Chironominae) Tanytarsus sp. (Chironominae)

Pending ID – Chironominae
Chironominae female Chironominae male Chironominae female Chironominae male Chironominae larva

Subfamily Orthocladiinae
Genus Cricotopus
Cricotopus annuliventris (female) (Orthocladiinae) Cricotopus parbicinctus (female) (Orthocladiinae) Cricotopus annuliventris (male) (Orthocladiinae)

Genus Nasuticladius
Nasuticladius sp. (Orthocladiinae)

Pending ID – Orthocladiinae
Orthocladiinae male Orthocladiinae female Orthocladiinae

Subfamily Tanypodinae
Genus Ablabesmyia
Ablabesmyia notobilis (Tanypodinae)

Genus Coelopnia
Coelopnia sp. (female) (Tanypodinae) Coelopnia sp. (female) (Tanypodinae) Coelopnia sp. (male) (Tanypodinae)

Pending ID – Chironomidae
Chironomidae - Pending ID Chironomidae - Pending ID IMG 7644 IMG 7646

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