Class Entognatha (the Pseudo Insects; Diplura & Protura)

Protura (proturans) and Diplura (two pronged bristletails) are both encompassed in the class Entognatha. In this grouping the mouthparts are largely concealed within folds of the head (entognathous). In contrast, insects have exposed mouthparts (ectognathous). The entognathans resemble insects in having a three segmented thorax with each segment provided with a pair of legs. This six-legged groundplan currently sees the Collembola, Diplura, and Protura united with Insecta under the super class Hexapoda. However the true relationships within the hexapods have not been fully resolved with evidence that at least the hexapod and entognathous traits within Collembola being derived independent of the others, that is to say there is not a common ancestry.

Order Diplura

Diplura Campodea tillyardii Tasmania 

Order Protura
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