Hemiptera (Bugs, hoppers, scales & aphids)

The Hemiptera are insects with mouthparts modified into sucking tubes. Depending on families, the hemipterans feed on the plant xylem, phloem, seeds, pollen or general plant cells.  Other families feed on invertebrates and some are parasites of vertebrate tissues or blood. Some of the aphids, scales and hoppers that feed on plant phloem exude a sugar rich-honeydew that attracts other insects, including protective ants.   Most hemipterans lay eggs which then hatch into nymphs.  Usually there are 5 developmental stages (instars) where the nymphs shed their skin and change their form.  Often the first instar nymphs cluster together after hatching.  Some Hemipterans can become pests of crops, but other predacious species are valuable bio-control agents.

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Acanthosomatidae Achilidae Aleyrodidae Alydidae Anthocoridae Aphididae Aradidae Berytidae Blissidae  Callipappidae Ceratocombidae Cercopidae Cicadellidae Cicadidae Cixiidae Clastopteridae  Coccidae Coreidae Corixidae Cryptorhamphidae Cydnidae Delphacidae Derbidae Diaspididae Dictyopharidae Enicocephalidae Eriococcidae Flatidae Gelastocoridae Geocoridae Gerridae Hebridae Idiostolidae Largidae Liviidae Lygaeidae  Membracidae Miridae  Monophlebidae Nabidae Naucoridae Nepidae Notonectidae Ochteridae Pentatomidae Piesmatidae Pseudococcidae Psyllidae Pyrrhocoridae Reduviidae Ricaniidae Rhyparochromidae  Saldidae Scutelleridae Tettigarctidae Thaumastocoridae Tingidae Triozidae Veliidae

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Suborder Sternorrhyncha  Aphids, scale insects and jumping plant lice

           Monophlebidae              Triozidae      Aleyrodidae

Suborder Auchenorrhyncha  Cicadas, hoppers and spittlebugs

   Clasteroptidae Machaerotinae Chaetophyes    SiphantaCercopidae                Delphacidae

Suborder Heteroptera The true bugs

  Acanthosomatidae Blaudusinae Hiarchas       Agraptocorixa  Mirinae Mirini           

Suborder Coleorrhyncha Moss bugs

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